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Modern Chic Picnic Rooftop Style + Recipes with Boursin

Modern Chic Picnic Rooftop Style + Recipes with Boursin

As temperatures rise we trade parkas for swimsuits, snow boots for sandals, and days spent indoors huddled next to the fire for days spent outdoors enjoying the great outdoors. But what if the great outdoors for you doesn’t include picturesque view of the ocean on a sandy beach or amongst lush greenery of a forest? If you’re like me and live in the city sometimes you don’t have access to all the greatness Mother Nature has to offer. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your surroundings though. You can still enjoy being outside and even throw yourself the most chic outdoor picnic. Read on to find out how you can throw one of the chicest outdoor picnics with a modern day twist complete with recipes.

Location, Location, Location

As much as you and I would love to get out and be one with nature with it’s vast waters and greenery sometimes it just isn’t feasible to get out of town. If you take a look around though you can probably find a place right in front of you that would make the perfect backdrop for your very own gorgeous chic picnic. Whether that place is your very own backyard or a rooftop with a pool and a gorgeous view that can take your breath away just as easily as sweeping views of the ocean, the location of your modern day chic picnic is probably closer than you think.

Modern Chic Picnic with Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is an age old British tradition that has been reinvented in countless ways over the years.  Why not give it and your picnic a modern flair by pairing the two classic traditions together. An afternoon tea style picnic outdoors on a city rooftop is both modern and classic all at the same time. Now that is chic.

Boursin Chic Picnic: Afternoon Tea Tier
Boursin Chic Picnic: Afternoon Tea Tier

The nice thing about serving a picnic in afternoon tea style is that it also makes it easy to serve multiple types of food in a compact, simplistic, and beautiful way. Keeping your picnic selections to finger foods not only makes your life easier in terms of prep time but it also means no additional plates or little to no cutlery required. Perfect for freeing up some prime patio space! I’ve provided some simple ideas and recipes below on how you can stock your afternoon tea tiers with all the best picnic treats.

Bottom Tier – Savory Tartine

Starting at the bottom, this tier traditionally houses finger tea sandwiches. While keeping with tradition certainly still works with making things easy why not change it up a bit with a tartine instead? The European open-faced sandwich not only keeps things quick and easy it is also very aesthetically pleasing as all the beautiful ingredients are out and open for you to see.

Boursin Chic Picnic: Tartine Savory Tier
Boursin Chic Picnic: Tartine Savory Tier

I’ved included some simple recipes below to get you going, but it’s just as easy to customize to your own tastes and preferences.

Boursin Cheese, which is made with 100% Canadian milk, is perfect as a base for a tartine. It’s soft enough to spread easily, yet firm enough to keep it shape should you prepare to crumble it generously on top. Also, because they come in various infused flavors such as Garlic & Fine Herbs it also means you only need a few extra ingredients to pull everything together.

Salmon Lox Tartine

  • Layer a few slices of smoked salmon sliced thinly on some fresh baguette rounds
  • Sprinkle with crumbled Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs cheese
  • Top with chopped chives


Caprese Tartine

  • Spread some Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs cheese on baguette round
  • Top with fresh cherry tomatoes sliced lengthwise with inside of slice facing outwards
  • Top with additional crumbled Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs cheese as well as some fresh basil chopped in chiffonade style
  • Sprinkle with sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and a drizzle of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Middle Tier – Sweet Scones with Preserves + Fresh Bread with Boursin

In traditional British style the middle tier typically contains sweet scones served with clotted cream and a selection of fresh fruit preserves. As much as I love afternoon tea, scones, clotted cream, and preserves I do find that afternoon tea service does tend to be a little high on the sweet side, especially by the time you get to the top tier. To help balance out the sweet and savoury selections a little bit better I prefer to the split up this middle tier with a half sized portion of sweet scones with preserves with the other half being balanced with savoury fresh bread or artisanal crackers served with your favorite flavor of Boursin Cheese. The beautiful thing about Boursin is that you can open up the self-contained foil package like a cute little cupcake and the cheese itself is so crumbly and creamy so you can easily break off a piece of bread and scoop up a generous portion of it without any additional cutlery. A practice so popular in France it’s even known as the Boursin opening ritual.

Boursin Chic Picnic: Scones + Boursin & Bread Tier
Boursin Chic Picnic: Scones + Boursin Opening Ritual & Bread Tier

Top Tier – Sweets

The top and final tier is reserved for sweets and keeping in with the theme of easy to eat and transport finger foods miniature sized is the name of the game here. Petite sized cupcakes, macarons, or any type of sweet works well here. Plus, everyone knows that mini sized anything always seems to taste better. Maybe because it means you can try more things!

Boursin Chic Picnic: Sweets Tier
Boursin Chic Picnic: Sweets Tier


Champagne Tea Cocktails

What is a chic picnic without a little champagne? Likewise what is afternoon tea without tea? Like everything else about this they are better together and nothing completes your modern day chic picnic afternoon tea like a tea infused champagne cocktail.

Easy to do all that’s required is below:

  • Infuse 4 bags of your favorite tea of choice in 2 cups of vodka
  • Remove bags from vodka next day
  • Add one ounce of tea infused vodka to champagne served in classic champagne flute or better yet some beautiful vintage tea cups and enjoy!


Want to Throw your Own Chic Picnic?

For more ideas and recipes for your own chic picnic check out In addition you can even win your own ticket to the ultimate picnic of the year Dîner en Blanc by  clicking here!



Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Boursin Canada. All opinions expressed are my own.  Please refer to Boursin Canada for most up to date information and offerings.

*All images are copyrighted Allons.Y Styling & Photography. Please do not use or re-post without written consent and provide credit where applicable

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