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Schmaltz Appetizing (Ossington): Toronto, Ontario

Schmaltz Appetizing (Ossington): Toronto, Ontario

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored nor was anything gifted to me. Yup paid full price for everything. All opinions expressed are my own. All menu offerings and prices are accurate as of time of posting. Please refer to restaurant/shop for most up to date information.

*All images are copyrighted Allons.Y Styling & Photography. Please do not use or re-post without written consent and provide credit where applicable


Schmaltz Appetizing has opened up a second location at the corner of Dundas & Ossington…..well quite some time ago but I only got around to finally visiting only recently. Despite the fact that it took me quite some time to finally getting my ass there I can assure you I was super excited about it since their original location has been a staple favourite of mine for quite some time now.


Schmaltz Appetizing Ossington: Interior
Schmaltz Appetizing Ossington: Interior

This location is substantially larger than the first spot which functions primarily as a take-out only counter. This new location offers plenty of seating and the decor is reminiscent of a vintage deli/sandwich shop with it’s black and white checkerboard tiles. In fact the spot used to house a pharmacy and the original “Waltman’s Pharmacy” signage is still displayed outside the spot.

z Appetizing Ossington: Interior Coffee Bar
Schmaltz Appetizing Ossington: Interior Coffee Bar

Like the original location this spot fills you up with it’s wide offerings of bagels, smoked fish, salads, baked goods, and espresso based beverages. Guaranteed the best sal


z Appetizing Ossington: Salmon Lox Bagel + White Fish Bagel
Schmaltz Appetizing Ossington: Salmon Lox Bagel + White Fish Bagel

In short, everything is still as delicious as the original but you now have a cute and comfortable spot to actually enjoy those bagels and smoked fish in. That in itself makes it my new go-to spot as having a place to sit and eat is a definite upgrade from scarfing everything down while standing outside or on the subway where everyone stares at you with mixed looks of jealously and disgust because you’re inhaling everything at abnormal rates.





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