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Motel Restaurant: Hamilton, Ontario

Motel Restaurant: Hamilton, Ontario

Name: Motel Restaurant
Address: 359 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 2X8
Website: Website
Instagram: @motelhamilton
Wifi: No
Tender: Debit,  Credit, Cash

Motel Restaurant is located in Hamilton, Ontario about an hour drive away from Toronto. On a recent road trip with my friend’s Didier, Sabrina, and Joelle we stumbled upon this place after visiting The Heather just a few doors down. Instantly drawn in by the pink walls and turquoise floors this place definitely commands attention as we couldn’t help but press our faces against the windows when we passed by. Don’t let the name confuse you though this isn’t actually a motel and there are no rooms for you to rent by the hour. There is however an all-day brunch menu, colorful décor, and palm greenery making you feel more like you had stepped into Miami for the next few hours.

Motel Hamilton: Interior
Motel Hamilton: Interior

There a lot of classic options like eggs benny served with a side salad, avocado toast served on a croissant with eggs, and a healthy-ish option in the form of a kale salad but then topped with fried chicken and house made croutons (all about balance people). We wait painfully for almost an hour before our food shows up and even then one of our dishes, the eggs benny,  does not arrive because apparently it was made incorrectly so it will arrive 15 minutes after everyone else’s does.

Motel Hamilton: Brunch
Motel Hamilton: Brunch, Champagne pancakes, Kale + Fried Chicken, Eggs Benny, Avocado on Croissant

The real showstopper of the brunch is the champagne pancakes. Thick and fluffy this stack is topped with whipped cream, strawberry coulis, mint sprigs, powdered sugar, and if all that isn’t enough gold edible flakes. Certainly very pretty and definitely matches the décor it can make anyone feel like royalty for the day eating these inside this fun and whimsical pink and turquoise interior. The pancakes are fluffy and definitely sweet, but be prepared because this decadent meal eats more like a dessert than brunch (which may or may not be a good thing depending on who you ask).

Motel Hamilton: Champagne Pancakes
Motel Hamilton: Champagne Pancakes

Overall verdict? It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t necessarily wow me. The interior was certainly a draw but the food (and the almost the 1 hour wait for the food) left a little to be desired. It’s decent enough but lets just say that it wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice if I’m going to make the 1 hour drive to Hamilton. Would I come back? I’d be willing to give this place another chance. Perhaps the slow service was just a one-off and maybe next time around I’ll try out some lunch options and skip the brunch to see if there’s better luck.



Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, nor was anything gifted to me. Yup, paid full price for it all. All opinions expressed are my own. All menu offerings and prices are accurate as of time of posting. Please refer to restaurant/shop for most up to date information.

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