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Hailed Coffee: Toronto, Canada

Hailed Coffee: Toronto, Canada

Name: Hailed Coffee
Address: 801 Gerrard St E, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 1Y5, Canada
Website: Website
Phone: (647) 352-4040
Wifi: Yes
Tender: Credit, Debit, Cash
Neighbourhood: East Chinatown, Toronto
Type: Coffee/Coffee Shop

Hailed Coffee Toronto Exterior Storefront
Hailed Coffee, Toronto: Exterior

Hailed Coffee is Toronto’s newest independent coffee shop located in East Chinatown, an area which is lacking in caffeine options, both chain and independent.

Hailed Coffee, Toronto: Minimalistic Interior
Hailed Coffee, Toronto: Minimalistic Interior

The interior is clean, minimalistic, and modern. A stark contrast to the neighborhood in which it resides. I immediately notice the white honeycomb tiled floors and Eames style chairs. This is a place that speaks to all of my aesthetic visual senses. The tables however are quite low to the ground, about coffee table height. The chairs have been adjusted to match the low height of the tables. Being short, it isn’t too big of an issue. However, for a taller person it may become uncomfortable and awkward.

Hailed Coffee, Toronto: Coffee Bar
Hailed Coffee, Toronto: Coffee Bar

Approaching the counter it’s hard not to take notice of the jars of dates lined up along the bar. A unique offering, it’s the first time I’ve seen dates offered at a coffee shop in Toronto, much less with such a wide selection. Each has a unique flavor profile and level of sweetness. I’m told that they are a healthy and gluten free snack offering and pair particularly well with Arabica coffee which helps to showcase their flavors. The dates are also available for sale in boxes of seven should you grow an affinity to enjoying a date with your daily brew. In addition to dates they also offer a wide selection of croissants including butter, chocolate, gruyère bechemel, and roasted pistachio. However, croissants are the only thing that is available as they are currently in soft-opening. Plans to add more food/snack options are in the works and are slated to be available by their grand-opening in summer.

Hailed Coffee Toronto Dates
Selection of dates

I visited Hailed on two separate occasions. On the first visit I try out a cappuccino ($3.50 + tax)and the gruyère béchamel croissant ($2.95 + tax). The cappuccino is silky smooth and presented with nicely poured art. The croissant is flaky, filled with béchamel and topped with generous portions of gruyère. It’s everything a savory croissant should be and I’m pleased that a savory option is available since coffee shops tend to be sweet dominated in terms of food options. I do however feel they need to expand beyond croissants and dates in their offerings so I’m definitely anticipating their grand opening to see what other options become available.

Hailed Coffee Toronto: Gruyère Bechemel Croissant + Cappuccino
Gruyère Béchamel Croissant + Cappuccino

On my second visit I order a cortado and a roasted pistachio croissant ($4.95 + tax, which is quite a bit more expensive than the gruyère béchamel). Once again the croissant is flaky and is also filled with a generous amount of roasted pistachio paste. Though I enjoy it I’m not convinced it’s worth the higher price difference. Even though the croissants were tasty and of high quality I still find myself wishing that there were more than just croissants available.

The expansion of their food menu both for savory and sweets will definitely serve them well. In fact , I can’t help but hope they consider offering a few items which pay homage to the neighborhood in which they reside. Pineapple buns and BBQ pork baos with your Americano anyone?

Hailed Coffee Toronto: Cortado and Pistachio Croissant
Cortado + Roasted Pistachio Croissant

Of course I can’t leave without trying out the dates. I’m told it’s best to eat a date and then take a sip of coffee to allow the coffee to help blend and melt the flavors of the dates. To be honest I’m skeptical, but try it out anyways. To my surprise it’s actually quite an enjoyable pairing and the cortado is also just as enjoyable as the cappuccino I had on my first visit. I’m thinking I need to start eating dates with coffee more often.


Hailed Coffee Toronto Dates + cortado + roasted pistachio croissant
Dates + Cortado + Roasted Pistachio Croissant

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, nor was anything gifted to me. All opinions expressed are my own. All menu offerings and prices are accurate as of time of posting, please refer to restaurant/shop for most up to date information.

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