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Drake Devonshire – The Ultimate Place to Stay in Prince Edward County

Drake Devonshire – The Ultimate Place to Stay in Prince Edward County

The Drake Devonshire opened about 3 years ago in 2014 and is located in Prince Edward County, Ontario – just a 2 hour drive from Toronto on the Northeast shores of Lake Ontario. If you’re familiar with the The Drake Hotel brand, which also includes The Drake General Store and The Drake One Fifty restaurant, then you know that this is a company that absolutely oozes with character and cheeky personality. It’s also a brand that has become a well known institution in the city and so when they decided to setup an inn in the charming village of Wellington, Prince Edward County you had better believe people, especially the trendy Torontonians, took notice.

Now don’t get me wrong, Prince Edward County had established itself as the place to be for the summer months or for the ultimate weekend getaway from the city long before the Drake decided to setup shop there – and rightfully so. Prince Edward County (PEC) is absolutely show stopping with it’s endless wineries, lavender fields, and close proximity to the water. Speaking as a true city person the Drake Devonshire offered something that wasn’t previously available in the county though – a place that fit in with it’s serene environment but still offered the comforts and amenities of the city. Clearly I’m not the only one that feels this way as The Drake Devonshire has been booked solid consistently ever since their opening 3 years ago.

Ever since they’ve opened I’ve absolutely been dying to stay at “Drake by the Lake” but have never been able to book a reservation because they’re just that red hot. Understandably summer is their busiest season as that’s when PEC is in full bloom, but even the winter months have those reservation books filled as the snow makes this a winter wonderland. The secret? Spring time is actually the best time to snag a room in this breathtaking spot as there tends to be more availability before the prime summer vacation months. Needless to say I was ridiculously excited to finally have a chance to stay at this gem after lusting over it for so long.


Drake Devonshire: Exterior
Drake Devonshire: Exterior

True to The Drake Hotel style every inch of this property is full of playful, whimsical details. Various room styles are available for booking everything from a two bedroom apartment style loft for larger groups and families to a Creekside Guestroom that faces the West where you can enjoy views of sunset and the creek (depending on the season you may see salmon and trout in those waters). There’s even a cozy Stargazer Crash Pad with a skylight for those that want to fall asleep while watching the twinkling stars at night (ummm, hello upscale camping).

The pièce de résistance, in my humble opinion, is their Owner’s suite. It looks and feels like a modern luxury cabin with it’s own private balcony facing the lake and floor to ceiling windows. Peaked ceilings with wood paneling, white washed exposed brick, a fire place, marble bathroom (although all suites have a marble bathroom…..YES!), and spacious seating areas make this place the stuff fantasies are made of. I could definitely give up the city if this is what my place looked like.

Drake Devonshire: Owner's Suite Bed
Drake Devonshire: Owner’s Suite Bed


Drake Devonshire: Owner's Suite Lounge Area

Drake Devonshire: Owner’s Suite Lounge Area

Drake Devonshire: Owner's Suite Seating Area
Drake Devonshire: Owner’s Suite Seating Are


Drake Devonshire:Owner's Suite Private Balcony with View of Lake Ontario

Drake Devonshire:Owner’s Suite Private Balcony with View of Lake Ontario

Drake Devonshire: Owner's Suite, Communal Seating Area
Drake Devonshire: Owner’s Suite, Communal Seating Area


Drake Devonshire: Foundry Room Bed
Drake Devonshire: Foundry Room
Drake Devonshire: Foundry Room Seating Area
Drake Devonshire: Foundry Room Seating Area

There is of course everything a modern day traveler would come to expect – fully stocked snack and drink trays, free wifi, comfy robes, slippers, and an umbrella should it happen to drizzle during your visit.

Drake Devonshire: Snack and Drink Bar
Drake Devonshire: Snack and Drink Bar, available in all suites.

What brings the Drake Devonshire to the next level though is their common rooms and on-site restaurant. Flanked by floor to ceiling windows the restaurant treats guests to views of the lake, including Drake’s own private beach area, as well mature trees and greenery.

Drake Devonshire Restaraunt Interior
Drake Devonshire Restaraunt Interior
Drake Devonshire: Restaraunt Seating
Drake Devonshire: Restaraunt Seating

Like it’s counterparts in Toronto the food here is nothing short of amazing. In fact, I dare to say that the food at the Drake Devonshire topped my list of eats in comparison to their other properties and the fact that their menu is farm/lake to table based definitely makes it shine. Their proximity to the lake and local farms means produce, meat, and seafood are sourced locally and I can say with certainty that it tastes like it. The seafood dishes during dinner were especially delicious and a favorite of mine. Everything tasted as fresh as it could possibly get plus a front row seat with a view of the lake definitely sweetens the dining experience.

If you’re dining here for breakfast or brunch (and you’ll definitely want to) make sure you order a side of their blueberry scones. Also available in their Toronto location they’re equally as good here and have easily always been some of my favorite scones in the city.

Drake Devonshire: Brunch
Drake Devonshire: Brunch, Drake Breakfast, Bacon, Fresh Fruit, Salmon Lox


Drake Devonshire: Dinner
Drake Devonshire: Dinner, Chowder Soup, Parmesan Truffle Fries, Rabbit Stew, Trout, Asparagus


Drake Devonshire: Blueberry Scones
Drake Devonshire: Blueberry Scones

Whether indoor or outdoors, the property is built to enjoy the beautiful setting that Prince Edward County has to offer. Whether you’re dining in the restaurant, living large in the Owner’s Suite, or sitting right on the shoreline or in one of the patio seating areas and bleachers you’ll have access to the water in just a few steps. There’s even a fire pit on the outdoor balcony so you can enjoy the outdoors well into the evening even during winter.

Drake Devonshire: Private Beach Area & View from the Restaraunt
Drake Devonshire: Private Beach Area &+ View from the Restaurant and Owner’s Suite
Drake Devonshire: Exterior Lake Front
Drake Devonshire: Exterior Lake Front Seating


Drake Devonshire: Exterior Patio
Drake Devonshire: Exterior Patio Facing Lake

Other common areas include The Glass Box and the Pavilion. The Glass Box is encased with windows  with a feature wall featuring modern greenery artwork. Sunlight floods this airy space which includes a kitchenette, a ping pong table, backgammon table, and board games for kids. I personally could spend a few hours stretched out on the green leather sofa engrossed in a good book with the sunshine on my face. The room is also available for private bookings of events and business conferences.

Drake Devonshire: Glass Box
Drake Devonshire: Glass Box

The Pavilion on the other hand features slanted ceilings, wood paneling, and a comic style artwork wall. It’s basically the dream den you’ve always wanted and is stacked full of entertainment including a foosball table, board games, ping pong, and comfy couches surrounding a fireplace. During the week they also offer up various events such as half price wine on Thursdays and Paint Night on Wednesdays where for $25 you’re setup for all the tools you need to paint your own masterpiece along with a glass of vino.

Drake Devonshire: Media Room
Drake Devonshire: The Pavilion
Drake Devonshire: Media Room Seating
Drake Devonshire: The Pavilion Room Seating

Bikes are available for rent for guests and make the perfect way to get around the county.

Drake Devonshire: Bicycles available for guests
Drake Devonshire: Bicycles available for guests

What I loved most about my stay here is that not only is it close enough so that you can easily enjoy all that Prince Edward County has to offer but that it also manages to offer up modern day conveniences while still maintaining the integrity of the county lifestyle. The property is also built so that not only can you enjoy the county but it also offers enough amenities that it in itself is a standalone self contained place where you enjoy a getaway. It’s basically like staying at the cottage of your dreams but without the responsibility of ownership and maintenance.


Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, however the meal/items were complimentary. All opinions expressed are my own. All menu offerings and prices are accurate as of time of posting. Please refer to Drake Devonshire for most up to date information.

*All images are copyrighted Allons.Y Styling & Photography. Please do not use or re-post without written consent and provide credit where applicable


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