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Sorelle & Co : Vaughan, Ontario

Sorelle & Co : Vaughan, Ontario

Name: Sorelle & Co
Address: 1050 Rutherford Road, Vaughan, ON L6A 4N9, Canada
Website: Website
Phone: (905) 303-1073
Wifi: No
Tender: Credit, Debit, Cash
Neighbourhood: Vaughan
Type: Café/Bakery/Sweets

Sorelle & Co is located in Vaughan, which is about a 45 minute drive just north of Toronto. While quite the drive it’s definitely worth the trek, especially if you have sensitivities or allergies as this bakery and café is vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.

Pulling up and seeing the storefront is like a fantasy. Located in a historic post office the building is lined with green hedges, white flower boxes, and accents of teal that bear their logo. Outdoor patio seating is also available as small white tables and chairs adorned with flowers line the exterior of the building.

Sorelle & Co: Storefront
Sorelle & Co: Storefront, located inside a historic post office


Sorelle & Co: Patio
Sorelle & Co: Patio

The interior is just as dreamy as the exterior. Sleek white marble tables, gold accents, and flowers fill the two sprawling levels of the shop. The space is glamorous, and is basically what every 5 year old girl imagines when she has a pretend tea party, except now that she’s grown up she now has a space that is far more sophisticated and a reality in Sorelle & Co.

Sorelle & Co: Interior
Sorelle & Co: Interior

I’m interested to try the baked goods here, especially given that this is a vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and soy-free bakery. If I’m honest, I’m a bit apprehensive because the elimination of these items means the absence of a lot of ingredients which are the cornerstones of baked good.

We start with the Daily Muffins, $3.75 CDN each + HST. Flavors and availability differ daily and on the day we visit we try blueberry crumble and carrot oatmeal. Both these muffins look and taste like regular muffins.

I must clarify that going forward when I say “regular” that I am referring to baked goods/food that are not vegan and contain dairy/nuts/soy/gluten, so saying that something tastes “regular” is actually a compliment. That being said these muffins are in fact regular tasting. They are also moist and have a nice flavor.

Next we try the Mousse Verrine in various flavors, $4.50-$5.00 CDN each + HST. We try the chocolate orange, raspberry, and mango. I found these overly sweet, yet oddly they were also tangy. Truthfully, I could not distinguish the difference in flavors between the three. I would pass on ordering this again on another visit.

Sorelle & Co: Daily Muffins, Mousse Verrine
Sorelle & Co: Daily Muffins, Mousse Verrine

Then there is the S’more Tart, $4.945 CDN + HST. The presentation is beautiful with the tart being topped with perfectly caramelized meringue. The tart is good, with a nice chocolate filling, cinnamon graham crust, and the meringues. My only criticism is that I found the filling overly runny and a less runny filling would make this more enjoyable to eat.

We are then treated to a selection of cookies including a Raspberry Linzer Cookie ($3.50 CDN + HST), a Chocolate Chip Cookie ($3.50 CDN + HST), and a Macaroon ($1.75 CDN + HST for one or $5.00 CDN + HST for three). Of the three the raspberry linzer cookie most resembles a traditional linzer cookie. Needless to say it is delicious.

The chocolate chip cookie however had a texture which was not similar to any cookie I’ve had before. A little on the thicker size it was almost a hybrid between a cookie and a muffin with a very crumbly texture. Despite this it ends up being one  of my favorite items of the day. The flavor is incredible and I actually think I accidentally ate the entire thing without offering anything to my friends who joined me. Oops!

I didn’t try the macaroon since I’m allergic to coconut. It certainly looked pretty though.

Sorelle & Co: S'more Tart, Raspberry Linzer Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Macaroon
Sorelle & Co: S’more Tart, Raspberry Linzer Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Macaroon

The next selection of cookies include Ginger Molasses Cookies ($3.50 CDN + HST) and Crinkle Chocolate Cookie ($3.50 CDN + HST). Again, the cookies are thicker but both are incredibly moist and flavorful. These could easily pass for regular cookies as well. So far, the cookies here are very impressive.

Then we try some of their Daily Doughnuts, $3.50 CDN + HST. The flavors of the day are vanilla lemon and chocolate coconut. Being a doughnut lover I’m most excited to try these. They look stunning with the vanilla lemon being topped with candied lemon and the chocolate coconut being dipped perfectly in shredded coconut. Again, I avoid the coconut for fear of hives, so I try the vanilla lemon doughnut only. It’s good, and has a nice light lemon flavor. Being baked though it tastes more like a cake than like a traditional doughnut, so if you’re looking for something that tastes like a traditional fried doughnut this is not for you. Still, I enjoy it and would definitely recommend it, especially to those that have dietary restrictions/allergies.

Sorelle & Co: Ginger Molasses Cookies + Crinkle Chocolate Cookies
Sorelle & Co: Ginger Molasses Cookies + Crinkle Chocolate Cookies

We then try their cupcakes, $4.25 CDN + HST in carrot, banana chocolate chip,  and chocolate mocha flavors. Again, these tasted exactly like regular cupcakes. You would never know that they were vegan and free of dairy/gluten/nuts/soy. The cake portion was incredibly moist and the icing had nice texture and flavor.

Sorelle & Co Cupcakes: Carrot, Chocolate Mocha, Banana Chocolate Chip
Sorelle & Co Cupcakes: Carrot, Chocolate Mocha, Banana Chocolate Chip

In addition to baked goods they also have pantry items of various goods that are made in-house and are pre-packaged and ready to take home. We received a selection which included Chia and Raisin Granola ($14 CDN + HST for small or $25 CDN + HST for large), Power Seed Crackers ($5.75 CDN + HST), and Pâte de Fruits ($7.50 CDN + HST for six or $14 CDN + HST for twelve).

The Chia and Raisin Granola is unlike traditional granola in that it is not made with oats. Instead it contains a wide variety of ingredients including buckwheat, amaranth, corn, flax seeds, quinoa puffs, brown rice, chia, pumpkin seeds, raisins, vanilla and maple syrup. It’s light and crunchy and tastes healthy yet delicious at the same time. I would happily purchase this for snacking.

The Power Seed Crackers is portioned into roughly cut squares and is predominantly made up of various seeds (sunflower, flax, pumpkin, sesame, psyllium), agave syrup, buckwheat, and sunflower oil. Again, like the granola, it tastes healthy but still very tasty at the same time. I enjoy the crunchy texture and the combination of seeds go well together. It’s another snack that I would feel good about eating.

Finally there was the Pâte de Fruits, which is basically a fancy way to say fruit jelly in French (pretty sure there are some classically trained French pastry chefs rolling their eyes right now if they’re even bothering to read this). They’re good, although I wish the packaging provided information on the flavors that were inside the package.

Sorelle & Co Pantry Items : Chia & Raisin Granola, Pâte de Fruit, Power Seed Crackers
Sorelle & Co Pantry Items : Chia & Raisin Granola, Pâte de Fruit, Power Seed Crackers

While Sorelle & Co is known for their baked goods they also offer savory items as well. Soups, salads, sandwiches, and paninis are also available for order. We try the Mediterranean Panini (roasted vegetables, roasted red pepper hummus, vegan cheese, served with side salad), $9.25 CDN + HST. Again, I’m apprehensive at the idea of vegan cheese but after taking a bite I’m proven wrong. The panini is good. Really good. I would eat it over a mediocre meat panini filled with all sorts of gluten/soy/nuts/dairy any day.


Sorelle & Co: Mediterranean Panini
Sorelle & Co: Mediterranean Panini

In addition to baked goods, savory items, and pantry items they also offer full loaves of bread which are baked in-house and can be purchased for at home consumption. Coffee from local Ontario based company Birds and Beans is brewed on site and is organic, fair trade, and bird friendly. Tea is also available from local Toronto favorite Sloane Tea. We tried the iced latte, iced London Fog tea latte, and matcha latte and were equally impressed with all three.

Overall the experience at Sorelle & Co was pretty amazing. The space is beyond stunning and borders along fantasy status. More importantly they have managed to do what is almost impossible – provide baked goods and food that are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and have them taste just as good as foods that are not free of these ingredients. While not everything was a hit for me they definitely provide plenty of options which are not only beautiful but also well executed in terms of presentation and taste. It is a place where people with allergies/sensitivities can come and not have to feel like they are missing out or sacrificing anything. Even those that don’t have allergies can come here and still find plenty of items that could easily become new favorites.

The drive up to Vaughan was pretty long, but definitely worth it to see a bakery of this scale and rarity. Luckily they have plans to open up two more locations in the downtown core in the next year, so vegans and the allergy prone should start getting very excited.


Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, however the meal/items were complimentary. All opinions expressed are my own. All menu offerings and prices are accurate as of time of posting, please refer to restaurant/shop for most up to date information.

*All images are copyrighted Allons.Y Styling & Photography. Please do not use or re-post without written consent and provide credit where applicable

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